Allux Grundform wall mounted lockable post box

Color: Black



Height: 440 mm.

Width: 345 mm.

Depth: 180 mm

Letter/package slot:

Height: 39 mm.

Width: 320 mm.


Designed in partnership with the architect Ulrik Jensen, the Allux Grundform lockable post box is the ultimate in Danish engineering and design. This secure post box - one that “welcomes you”, according to Allux - is built to withstand a harsh Scandinavian winter, with a 12-year manufacturer’s guarantee against rust and corrosion as proof of its durability.

This lockable post box has a striking design, with overhangs and projections that keep the wind and rain out while making it an elegant addition to the outside of your home or office. An incredibly strong Swedish Ruko lock keeps your letters safe and sound, while ventilation within the roomy inner box stops condensation forming and damaging your post.

A large front door makes it easy to retrieve your post, and there’s a hidden catch inside to lock the letter insert. Choose from stainless steel, copper, black or white and several different materials to get a post box that best suits your taste and architecture. You’ll find pre-drilled holes make it easy to attach it straight to an external wall, or you can buy a separate stand and transform it into a standing post box.

For added reassurance, you’ll also have a two-year EU legal guarantee with this outstanding post box.



  • Top letter flap
  • Large front access door with Ruko lock
  • 12-year rust and corrosion guarantee
  • 2-year EU legal guarantee
  • Materials: galvanised steel with powder coating; stainless steel; copper
  • Made in the EU


Letterbox Supermarket brand belongs to Letterbox4you Limited, it's main purpose is to provide easy and quick access to quality, long lasting and secure mailboxes. Most of our products are manufactured in Europe and we select only top quality suppliers to sell their products on our website. All of our products are made of high grade galvanized steel and stainless steel, subjected to meticulous powder coating process and must pass our quality control standard.


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