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Is Your Letterbox Indicating That You’re Away? - Letterbox Supermarket

Is Your Letterbox Indicating That You’re Away?

The summer break is in full swing, so in this article, we focus on holiday mail. From receiving postcards through the letterbox to how not to alert burglars that you are away, our focus is on holidays.

Wish You Were Here!

The summer holidays used to be a time when exciting mail might be delivered through the letterbox. Postcards from friends and family would share a snapshot of their adventures. From British beaches to foreign shores, these greetings offered a glimpse of the resort and a brief message.

In pre-digital days, a postcard was cheaper than a call and provided a way of confirming you had arrived safely and were having a super time. For some, illustrated postcards were a souvenir of their travels, for others, they became collectables.

Picture postcards are still sold, but it’s far easier, quicker and more convenient to send a text, so they’ve fallen out of fashion. These days, if you are off on your travels, the last thing you might want is a letterbox stuffed with mail.

How to Avoid a Crammed Letterbox

Going away on holiday is one of life’s pleasures, however, an empty house is a target for burglars. One of the easiest ways to identify an empty property is a build-up of mail. When parcels are left on the doorstep, newspapers are lodged in the letterbox or a pile of letters is visible in the hallway, it’s a clear indicator that no one is home.

There are a few steps that you can take before you jet off to address this issue, especially if you are taking a long break.

  1. Cancel regular deliveries for the time you are away, including subscription boxes, newspapers and magazines
  2. Position a ‘No Junk Mail’ sign or sticker by your letterbox
  3. Apply for Royal Mail Keepsafe, a paid service where they hold onto any mail for your address until your return date.

Large Capacity Mail Boxes for Frequent Travellers

If you are a regular jet setter, often take extended holidays or frequently work away from home, another recommendation is to install an external mailbox with large capacity hold. These secure letterboxes can be wall mounted by the entrance to your property. There’s also the option of a heightened security post box or our free standing and through the wall parcel drop box models.

Designed with anti-theft and weather-resistant features, our range of large post boxes for the home keeps your mail safe and out of view until you return.

With an external mailbox installed, the letter flap through your front door can be sealed up. This blocks access for those that might use the small gap to fish for belongings, gain access or cause damage.

Avoid Social Posts

Continuing the theme of home security, it is advised to avoid the temptation of sharing your holiday plans and adventures on social posts. These publicly alert people to the fact that you are away. Why not switch off the technology and immerse yourself in the holiday? If you need to contact someone, send a private message or go old school and send a postcard! Save the sharing of photos on social media until you return home.

So, that’s holiday mail covered, except to wish you a wonderful summer adventure!

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