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Best Secure Post Box for Home Use

External letterboxes provide a practical alternative to
through the door letter flaps. However, you want to trust that your post box or
parcel box model will keep your mail safe and dry. Therefore, we’re exploring
the anti-theft features to look out for in the best secure post box for home

Lockable Post Box

The first consideration is keeping your deliveries safe in the
hold. When looking for a secure mailbox, you want one with a robust lock; one
that can only be opened using a key or code. Most models feature a sturdy
cylinder lock from Eurolock, including the Allux
. Also, when comparing lockable post box options, look for models where
the door is flush with the post box, so it can’t be prised open.

In a wall mounted post box, such as Sole,
access to the hold is on the front of the box. If you have security concerns,
you may prefer a rear access hold. With this in mind, gate mounted mailboxes
are a practical way to create a barrier between the entry flap and hold. As an
example, take a look at the W3-4

We also advise you to source a post box that is manufactured
in Europe. These have to meet strict criteria and you can be confident that
your locking mailbox has been thoroughly tested.

What are Secure Mailboxes Made From?

The next point we want to raise is what the mailbox is made
of. There is no point in having a good lock if the letterbox is manufactured
from materials that are easily damaged. So, when looking for a secure mailbox, seek
out strong, corrosion-resistant materials.

As an external letterbox, the material has to be resilient
to the British climate. Our recommendations are powder
coated galvanised steel
, cast
or stainless
steel letterboxes

Can Mail be Fished Out of a Lockable Post Box?

One of the main questions we are asked by customers looking
for a secure post box for home use, is ‘Can mail be fished out of a lockable
post box?
’, so, can it? Well, you can be reassured that all European models
have to include anti-theft features.

In some letterboxes, this is a small ledge that sits behind
the opening flap. Called a baffle plate, it allows the mail to go in but makes
it very difficult to get out. In other models, particularly parcel
with larger opening flaps, there is a shelf which raises when the
package is dropped in, then lowers when the flap is shut. This allows the
delivery to drop down into the hold, yet blocks access.

Another consideration is a through the wall letterbox with a
slope into the hold. An example is the telescopic, high capacity Rolle.

One thing is for certain, installing any of the locking
mailbox or parcel box models is a way to lower the risk of your packages being
left on the doorstep and stolen.

Correct Post Box Installation

Correct installation is important to reduce the risk of your
post box being damaged or stolen. All of our letterboxes are supplied with
pre-drilled holes and a standard fixing kit. For free
standing models
, we advise that they are secured into a concrete base. For
through the gate or wall options, we recommend that they are fitted and sealed
into position.

Protecting your Property

The final point to make is that an external letterbox is
more secure than having a flap in your front door. This opening in your
property can enable thieves to fish for keys or door handles and gain access to
your home and belongings. A solid front door and secure post box remove this
risk and enhance the thermal efficiency of your property.

Secure Letterbox Options

So, when you know if you need a wall mounted, through the
gate or free standing letterbox, look for:

European manufactured models

Robust and corrosion resistant materials

A trusted locking mechanism

A baffle plate or other anti-theft features

Then, you’ll have the highest levels of letterbox security!

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