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How to Add Character to Your Home Exterior - Letterbox Supermarket

How to Add Character to Your Home Exterior

On every new housing development, rows of identical properties fill the streets. It’s cost-efficient for builders to use the same plans and features on every property. Yet, it can result in a bland looking neighbourhood. So, if you have moved into a new build, how do you add character to your home exterior?

Personalise Your Front Door & Letterbox

Firstly, if you reserve a property that is not yet complete, it may be possible to make a few requests to personalise the finish of your home exterior. A common example is to select the style and colour of the front door. Any decisions that you can make at this stage will save the cost of repainting or replacing features when you move in.

On the subject of front doors, also consider the ironmongery. What design of handle, door knocker and house number suit your tastes? Also, consider switching the front door letter flap with an external post box or parcel box. There are two strong arguments for this decision. Firstly, a solid front door with no gap for the letterbox prevents draughts and improves energy efficiency. Secondly, it improves security, providing no gap to reach in and fish for keys.

An external post box or parcel box provides a weather-resistant, lockable hold for your letters and packages. No more letters chewed by the dog or missed deliveries! It is a practical solution and also another way to add character to your home exterior. That’s because there are a variety of styles and colours available including Skandi parcel boxes and stylish Italian or traditional style post boxes.

Add Character to Your Home Exterior with Colour and Light

Make use of the area surrounding the front door to add character. A low-cost option, which creates a warm welcome, is to position solar-powered wall lights on either side of the door. And, these make it easier to find your keys on a dark evening. There are different sizes and designs to select from and most are straightforward to install.

Plants are a great way to add colour and kerb appeal. Depending on the available space, you could consider contemporary planters, hanging baskets or window boxes. In addition to flowers, these containers can be used to grow herbs. Herbs offer interesting foliage, a fresh scent and the ideal addition to your cooking! You can find plant pots and containers in every colour and finish. Do you favour flat matt bold shapes and colours, traditional terracotta or high gloss glazed ceramics?

Turn Heads with Tiles

Thinking of glazes, if your property includes a porch, you might feel inspired by houses of the Victorian age. In this era, tiles were on trend and they were widely used to decorate porch areas. If this is how you intend to add colour and character to your home, ensure that the tiles are suitable for exterior use and weather-resistant. Choose porch tiles in a design which complements the colour of the front door and external post box.

Bricks and/or tiles could also be used to create a pathway to your front door. It’s a subtle and timeless way to elevate the exterior of your property. Just remember to lay a barrier beneath the path to minimise weeds that grow in the gaps.

Add Character to Your Home to Stand Out From the Neighbours

You might share a postcode with your neighbours, but you are all individuals. So, items like post boxes, planters and lighting offer affordable ways to inject a bit of personality into your new home.

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