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Love Online Shopping, Love Parcel Boxes!

Isn’t online shopping addictive? It offers the ultimate choice, convenience and cost for all of your favourite items. Whether you’re a top fan of a favourite brand or have a voracious appetite for a Vinted bargain, it only takes a couple of clicks to order.

Then, in a day or two your purchases arrive. If you are in, hear the postie and get to the door on time, it’s great. However, things don’t always go to plan. Why does the delivery arrive when you’ve just popped out or jumped in the shower?

Then, your package is left on the doorstep to brave the elements. A soggy box is a sad and sorry sight. It doesn’t match the unboxing experience you saw on Instagram. Instead, you dread opening the package for fear that your purchases have been ruined.

Problems with Parcel Deliveries

A fifth of us experience parcel delivery issues every week and the major complaints are:

  • Late deliveries, especially when a premium has been paid for a faster service
  • Packages left in an insecure location
  • ‘Sorry you were out’ cards left when people were in
  • Drivers not knocking before leaving parcels on the doorstep
  • Drivers not allowing enough time for people to answer the door before leaving a package

A parcel left on the doorstep is quite likely to get wet. Equally, it’s a great temptation for anyone passing by, so theft is another risk. So, knowing this is the case, why do delivery drivers dump parcels?

The Delivery Driver’s Perspective

Most delivery drivers are paid a basic rate and a ‘per drop’ rate. Therefore, the more parcels they deliver, the higher their wage. If they return with undelivered mail, redelivery adds to their workload the following day.

The timescale for each delivery is little more than a minute, so they can’t afford to hang around. If your door isn’t answered quickly, they have to move on. And, if they’ve been stuck in traffic, it may seem easier to just leave the parcel without knocking at all. Put yourselves in their shoe, you’d probably do the same.

As courier companies need to be profitable, the situation is unlikely to change. So, what can we do to reduce the risk of soggy boxes and damaged goods?

Parcel Drop Boxes Are The Solution!

If you have experienced problems with deliveries, the solution lies in Parcel Drop Boxes.

Local Parcel Drop Boxes

Parcel Drop Boxes allow your deliveries to be dropped off at a central location. They are stored in a locker until you pop out and pick them up. This can be a convenient option, but it depends on where the nearest parcel drop box or store is located.

Parcel Drop Boxes for Home

Alternatively, invest in a parcel drop box for your home! This offers dry and secure storage for your deliveries in the most convenient location. Remove the need to be in for deliveries and avoid the rush to get to the door. With a parcel box, your packages can be deposited into the lockable hold.

How About the Allux 600 Parcel Box?

Why not add the Allux 600 parcel box to your shopping list to enhance your online shopping experience? This Danish-designed, freestanding model is practical, durable and affordable. Still concerned about the rain? This parcel box is weather-resistant and comes with a 12-year rust and corrosion guarantee.

The Allux 600 parcel delivery box can receive packages up to 155x320x290mm and has a good capacity hold if you regularly receive more than one delivery. Once your parcel has been posted, anti-theft features keep it protected until you unlock the hold.

Grabbed your interest? Well, grab yourself a parcel box! If the Allux 600 isn’t right, we have other parcel boxes to choose from. Which one will streamline your online shopping experience?


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