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Can you Change a Letterbox on a Door? - Letterbox Supermarket

Can you Change a Letterbox on a Door?

Can you Change a Letterbox on a Door?

When your front door was installed, it was likely fitted with hardware. Typically, this includes a handle, house number, letterbox and sometimes a knocker. For functional or aesthetic reasons, you may wish to upgrade this hardware. However, if the door is still in good condition, you want to keep it. So, can you change the letterbox on a door?

The straight answer is yes!

Is It Easy To Fit A New Letterbox On A Door?

Your next question might be ‘Is it easy to fit a new letterbox on a door?’ Again, yes, in the vast majority of cases, you don’t need extensive DIY skills and can do it with a screwdriver. To help you, here are some step-by-step instructions on replacing a letterbox. You can also find YouTube video instructions online.

When Should I Replace a Letterbox?

The most common reasons to replace a letterbox are shared below.

A Banging Letterbox

If a letterbox is damaged, for example, a spring is missing, it can be lifted, then bang shut in the wind. As we seem to be having an increasing number of stormy days and nights, this banging noise can quickly become a problem. Not only can it annoy you, or even wake you from sleep, it is letting cold air in, every time the flap is lifted.

A Stiff Letterbox that Doesn’t Shut

In contrast to a letterbox that all too easily opens and shuts, some become stiff. This means, that when mail is delivered, the letter flap doesn’t fully close. This means that cold air has an easy passage into your home until you push it closed.

Condensation on the Inside of the Letterbox

On a cold morning, do you find that the inside flap of your letterbox is wet? That’s because any moisture in the air condenses on cold surfaces. It is a sign that cold air is getting in due to one of the issues above or insufficient insulation between the letter flaps. This issue might be resolved by replacing the brushes.

Want a Change of Style

Your reason for replacing a letterbox might be aesthetic. The style of the hardware looks outdated and you wish to modernise the appearance of your front entrance.

Do I Have to Have a Letterbox?

With all these issues, you might be wondering whether you need a letterbox at all. Surprisingly, there is no legal obligation to have one. However, it has been requested by Royal Mail since 1849, as without one, if you are not in, they can’t deliver.

If you prefer to avoid draught and condensation issues but want to receive mail, there is another alternative. If you are about to invest in a new front door, this is worth serious consideration. Keep the door solid and invest in an external post box or parcel box.

An external post box for home installation offers a secure, weather-resistant and anti-theft hold for all your letters. With a larger opening flap and hold, a parcel box is great if you regularly receive packages. If this has sparked your interest, take a look at this selection of external wall mounted letterboxes and read a few customer reviews:

I ordered an SD5 exterior letterbox. Communication from the company was excellent and the item arrived the next day (which I hadn't expected). The letterbox and fixings are of very good quality. I'm really pleased I chose this company and product.”

“The company offers some interesting quality post boxes. I ordered the Allux 5000AN postbox and Allux 1001 stand. They were an expensive purchase but the build quality and expected lifespan makes it a good long term purchase…Excellent product, still to be installed, and fantastic customer service.”

Can You Fill A Letterbox Slot?

If you love the idea of an external post box, you may want to install one and block up your letterbox. The success of this depends on the material used to make your front door. It’s easiest on solid wood front doors, where a block of wood can be inserted in the hole. Then the gaps can be filled and the area, or entire door, painted. However, it isn’t a practical option for uPVC doors.


Hopefully, this article has given you food for thought. So, is it time to replace your letterbox?

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