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Why It’s Important to Keep Track of Parcel Deliveries - Letterbox Supermarket

Why It’s Important to Keep Track of Parcel Deliveries

It’s all hands to the deck for Royal Mail and all other delivery companies. We’re in the midst of the peak buying season and couriers are working all hours to fulfil demand. If you’ve been busy spending online, how do you keep track of parcel deliveries? Let us explain why this is important.

Parcel Delivery Theft

The last thing you want is for that perfect gift to end up in the hands of an unintended recipient.

Unfortunately, the Christmas rush provides an opportunity for thieves. The delivery drivers don’t have time to wait around or reschedule deliveries at this time of year. Therefore, parcels are regularly left on the doorstep when no one answers the door.

Sitting in plain sight, it is easy for a passer-by to pick up those boxes and head off. Even if you have evidence of the thief, it is unlikely that you’ll see your goods again. Equally, it isn’t easy to claim compensation from the retailer or courier.

Scam Delivery Messages

Another potential issue with multiple purchases is that it increases the chances of being scammed. Messages will pop up on your phone saying that your parcel is at the depot and you need to click the link to reschedule delivery. Others state that you need to pay to release parcels with insufficient postage. These are designed to look as though they’ve come from legitimate companies.

When you are waiting on multiple orders, you can’t be sure if this is genuine or a scam. According to Citizen’s Advice*, 49% of scam messages relate to mail deliveries. They can result in people being left thousands of pounds worse off.

How to Reduce the Risk of Parcel Delivery Theft & Scams

1. Keep Track of Deliveries

The first step is to keep track of your orders and expected delivery dates. Knowing what you are expecting and when increases the chance of you being home and reduces the risk of being scammed.

2. Install a Lockable Parcel Drop Box

Merseyside Police are cracking down on mail theft** and they’ve issued the following advice:

“In an ideal world, it would be great if everyone had a ‘parcel keeper’: a lockable storage box in your porch or outside your house that packages can be posted into.”

3. Use Click & Collect

If you don’t have a lockable parcel drop box at home, they advise using ‘Click and Collect’ services. Although collecting your parcels is less convenient, it does mean they are kept safe and secure.

4. Consider Lockers for Deliveries

An alternative to Click & Collect is to use lockers. These are typically located at supermarkets, in shopping centres or at petrol stations. These may be easier to reach than collecting from a store.

5. Download Tracking Apps

Additionally, you can use tracking apps to stay informed. Two recommended options are Parcel (for iPhone or iPad) – the free version allows you to track 3 parcels at a time and AfterShipPackageTracker (for Android devices). If you receive a message about a delivery at the depot, you can check the app as one step to avoid scams.

Install a Parcel Drop Box

It could be that that ideal gift for someone who loves online shopping is a lockable parcel drop box! This offers peace of mind throughout the year. With wide opening flaps and anti-theft features, all deliveries are kept safe and dry in a secure hold. The keyholder can access their mail at a convenient time, without having to head off to collect.

Letterbox Supermarket offers a selection of parcel drop boxes for homes. All are European-made to quality standards and are supplied with a guarantee. Suitable for outdoor use in the UK climate, there’s a choice of options:

Free standing, including the Allux Grundform model

Wall mounted, including the Delta XL model

Through the wall, including the Stainless Steel Sigma

Final orders are being taken now, before we close for Christmas on 22 December.




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