E1 white wall mounted communal letterboxes

Size: Bank of 3



  Bank of 3 Bank of 4 Bank of 5 Bank of 6
Height (mm): 389 511 633 755
Width (mm): 373 373 373 373
Depth (mm): 270 270 270 270
Weight (kg): 7.5 9.5 12 14


E1 Wall Mounted Communal Letterboxes is our best selling communal letterbox. It is designed for internal use but can be external in a sheltered area. It is economical and versatile; It can be wall-mounted and recess mounted. E1 is made from galvanised steel in thermal applied powder coating. It is available in black, white, dark grey and light grey and banks of 3, 4, 5, 6. These can be banked together into large configurations. The E1 comes with two keys per letterbox.


 Letterbox Supermarket brand belongs to Letterbox4you Limited, it's main purpose is to provide easy and quick access to quality, long lasting and secure mailboxes. Most of our products are manufactured in Europe and we select only top quality suppliers to sell their products on our website. All of our products are made of high grade galvanized steel and stainless steel, subjected to meticulous powder coating process and must pass our quality control standard.

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