E1S narrow wall mounted communal letterboxes

Size: Bank of 3
Color: Dark Grey


The E1S internal letterbox combines the diversity of the E1 and the space-saving attributes of a slimmer box in one stylish solution. These angled boxes are an incredibly slim 217mm in depth, yet still have the capacity of traditional horizontal boxes. Our  E1S offer the best of both worlds as they are easy to retrofit after the building has been constructed, making them the perfect choice for conversions, particularly in older buildings where space is really at a premium but recesses mounted is not feasible.

Our space-saving E1S is made from high quality galvanised steel, powder coated in black or dark grey finishes to complement any project. These boxes can be assembled into banks with a limit of 6 high, but the number of columns can be as large as required, making them ideal for multiple occupancy residential properties and office buildings, hospitals, student accommodation, prison buildings, flats and apartments.


  Bank of 3 Bank of 4 Bank of 5 Bank of 6
Height (mm): 535 660 780 900
Width (mm): 373 373 373 373
Depth (mm): 217 217 217 217
Weight (kg): 7.4 9.3 11.6 13.8


Letterbox Supermarket brand belongs to Letterbox4you Limited, it's main purpose is to provide easy and quick access to quality, long lasting and secure mailboxes. Most of our products are manufactured in Europe and we select only top quality suppliers to sell their products on our website. All of our products are made of high grade galvanized steel and stainless steel, subjected to meticulous powder coating process and must pass our quality control standard.

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