LFD-04 Telescopic Letter Chute with Collection Box

Color: Black


  • Height: 330mm (not including face plate)
  • Width: 300mm (not including face plate)
  • Depth: 190-250mm (Adjustable depending on the depth of the wall)
  • Face Plate Height: 160mm
  • Face Plate Width: 350mm
  • Dimensions of letter slot: 255mm x 45mm
  • Correspondence suitable: A4
  • Capacity of Collection box: 10L
  • Weight: 4kg

Please note that due to a manufacturer change in design, there may be a difference in the design between the colour options.  The appearance of the front face plate and rear door remain unchanged. However the new design can be used for walls of depths 195mm - 270mm. If you need guidance please get in touch with our customer care team. Currently the new design is available in the dark grey variation.

This high quality, through the wall LFD-04 letterbox is perfect for external wall application. It has an adjustable mail chute making it suitable for a range of wall depth. It is not suitable for single brick walls though. Manufactured in Europe from a sturdy and long lasting galvanised steel and protected from UV and rust. The stainless steel faceplate will give a simple, stylish appearance while the high capacity collection box will provide plenty of room for the average household or business. The well thought through design offers adjustable depth while a quality lock ensures a secure storage solution for your mail.

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