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Built In Post Boxes - yes or no? - Letterbox Supermarket

Built In Post Boxes - yes or no?

Built in post box or not?

Choosing the best built in post box can be truly daunting.  Partially because it is something which will be fixed inside of your wall long term rather than the products you hang outside on your fence or next to your front door which are easier to replace whenever you want to. It makes even more sense to find the right supplier and right through wall letter chute for your project. We are here to help with this task. Rest assured that all our products are sourced and manufactured in Europe only by renowned manufacturers that we represent exclusively in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

What is the best location for a through wall letter chute?

Typically, you will find a built in post box right next to a front door. It certainly makes it convenient when you come back from work to retrieve your correspondence inside of your home once you are in. Another very common location is by the front gate if you have one. We have several clients who purchased through wall letter chutes to install them in the garden wall or side pillars directly next to a gate. Remember it is important for your postman to be able to see easily where the letter slot is and have easy access without reaching too low or too high. We certainly look after our postie, his name is Pat and he is a national treasure.

Which letter chute is for me?

This all depends on space available, the volume of letters you receive and most importantly, your wall type. There are single walls, double brick walls, walls with cavities and many more. You need to make sure that your built in post box is not only aesthetically pleasing but also practical. If you only receive a small number of letters you should be perfectly fine with telescopic through wall letter chutes like our SM, Muretto or LDD-041. If you need something larger then consider products with attached collection box like the LFD-04 or Rolle. Remember that most built in post boxes will not be suitable to accept parcels due to the size of the letter slot.

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