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Outdoor Post Box For Your Gate & Fence

Making your home feel safe and secure is very important to all of us, we have a
deep desire to protect ourselves and our families inbuilt in all of us. We may also
have a dog which is allowed to roam free in the garden that we want to protect
from wandering off and getting lost (or perhaps being a nuisance in the
neighbourhood), or worse being stolen as many valuable pets unfortunately are.
So many of us have our homes and gardens protected by a fence, hedge or wall
with access controlled by a gate.
However, the big question is how do you go about planning that gate? How do
you know what is correct for you and your home?

Where is your gate going?

One of the first considerations when planning your garden gate is to think about
where it is going to go. Do you have a gate already in place which needs
replacing or are you starting from scratch allowing you to work to your own
Whether you are replacing an existing gate, gating an existing open access or
starting completely from scratch, will influence the size of the gate and possibly
any style restrictions you face. Remember however when you are planning out
the space you must leave room on either side of the gate for posts and fixings.
When it comes to your gatepost’s fixings and hinges you need to make sure you
are choosing the best materials possible. After all they are going to be supporting
the weight and movement of your gate. There is nothing wrong with choosing a
contrasting steel or concrete post to support your hardwood gates, as they can
look aesthetically pleasing together, they can be stronger and longer lasting than
wooden posts.
It is also worth noting that you may need planning permission for a gate. This will
not be applicable for everyone but if your gate is going to be over 1 metre high
and next to a road (or by a pathway next to a road), if your gate is to be over 2
metres high, in a conservation area or if your house is listed you will need to
seek permission.


One of the major choices that comes with buying garden gates is choosing the
materials it should be made from. You will find that the majority of gates are
made from timber or metal, with both options having excellent features and
characteristics. Timber gates can be constructed from panels, post and rails,
solid wood or a combination of these, and metal gates lend themselves to some
rather artistic architecture (sometimes referred to as wrought ironwork). Of
course, if you want to splash out the cash, your new gate could be electrically
operated so you (or your passenger) will no longer have to get out of the car in
the rain to open the gate.
Timber gates are a popular choice, these are often the more versatile option.
Wood can be environmentally friendly with its own unique character, easy to
repair and perhaps surprisingly easier on the pocket in many instances. Plus with the right treatment timber gates can last for years and grow more
interesting to look at as they mature, due to their unique ageing process.
However, if you are researching new wooden gates for sale, it may be worth
looking at those with metal work included in the structure for added security.


Once you have decided on which of the many wooden gates for sale that you
would like, you can turn your mind to any additions you want. These can include
locks, padlocks, or a keypad for additional security, even a remotely operated
electronic system.
One addition which is increasing in popularity is the inclusion of a gate/fence mounted letterbox or
parcel box and you will find there are many different sizes and styles of letter
boxes that can be added. However, we have found the W3 range, which has
been specifically designed to work with timber gates, very popular with people
who want ease of access and security from their letterbox. All the models in the
W3 range are robust, weather resistant, secure and can be easily added to a
gate or fence. The added advantage is that not only can your postman or
delivery person leave your mail without needing to enter your premises, but only
you can remove your items, from the back. This would mean would be thieves on
the outside cannot open the mailbox.
If you have or are planning to build brick piers to hang your new gate, you can
build a letterbox into the pier or boundary wall too.

Ask an Expert.

If you are left feeling baffled by what gate or fittings are best for you then the
best advice is to head to Google and start researching “wooden gates near me”
or ask people locally for recommendations. This will help to put you in touch with
professionals who know exactly what they are doing and can help you procure
the perfect gate, fixings and additions as well as fit it for you.
To see our full selection of outdoor post boxes click here.
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