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Having a Parcel letterbox is becoming more and more important in today’s world, shopping is turning into an online activity and with everyone’s busy schedules it’s becoming necessary to have a safe space for your home delivery orders. If, like everyone else, you are getting tired of rooting around behind the bin to find your soggy Amazon box, you have stumbled across a helpful page of solutions!

There are many styles of parcel drop boxes for home but ours all have similarities, they are a safe, dry place for your parcel to stay while you’re away! Naturally, you don’t want any passersby sticking their hands in and taking off with your preciously ordered parcels so it’s important to consider the security of the design. It would also be sensible to make sure you’re getting a box that can protect your orders from the weather! Good quality boxes are what we specialize in, all of our parcel letterboxes are made in Europe for our British weather with careful designs to ensure everything inside is protected from thieves and thunder storms alike.

Whether you’re an ASOS addict with 5 parcels a day or someone who is occasionally convinced by an unbelievable eBay deal, we have a parcel drop box with the capacity and style to suit you and your home. Have a browse to find your favourite outdoor parcel letterbox and this will be the last delivery you have thrown over your fence!


To see our full selection of parcel letterboxes click here.

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